Brand Strategy, Design, Development, UX/UI



Crystallising a coherent brand identity and online presence for a high-growth start-up with a story to tell.

Falkor is an Israeli tech company that is revolutionising the way enforcement agencies and investigations teams operate in the digital world. Its scalable products enable better cross-team collaboration while enhancing operational efficiency, and the company is pursuing a high-growth strategy across key markets, including both the Americas and the UK. Equipped at the time with only a very limited web presence, Falkor’s team entrusted Yoyo to help reinvent the brand’s main digital property under tight timescales.

The end goal was a website that would truly reflect the company’s vision and capabilities in the eyes of external audiences, from customers to investors.

After a productive initial workshopping phase, Yoyo undertook a refresh of Falkor’s existing brand, standardising its visual assets and language into a single reference document. This dynamic identity was then played out on the Umbraco website, underpinned by the proposition of ‘bringing clarity to data’ and with an aim to funnel users to request a product demo.

The clean, minimalist look and feel of the design reflects the company’s cutting-edge positioning, with elements of the Falkor UI used to showcase the bespoke nature of its products. With the website complete, Yoyo then pushed out the design across a series of complementary document templates as well as an investor deck, all of which will support Falkor on its continued trajectory of growth.

Balancing real-world screengrabs with smooth-scrolling animations, moving gradients and abstract visual devices, the site design adds layers of interest and intrigue to the Falkor’s underlying technology credentials.