Transforming the way financial information is presented, shared, and consumed, with a cohesive and emphatic new brand. 

Kurtosys, the fintech SaaS investment specialist, approached Yoyo to develop a compelling look and feel, aiding with the fast scaling of its operations and products. 

Its aim was to ensure it held a strong position in the market, with a brand that represented the true personality of the business. 

The outcome was a ‘future-forward’ look and feel, that not only creates stand out, but that also better supports the updated Kurtosys brand narrative. 

Creating market distinction 

Since 2002, the Kurtosys team of experts has been using digital media to transform the way financial information is managed. Its clients include some of the world’s largest investment managers, and yet despite being well-known, their brand didn’t represent the unique way the company approached financial management. 

As the company continued to grow across three continents, Kurtosys saw an opportunity to extend its market reach by enhancing its brand personality, both visually and through a new brand narrative. 

Working alongside the business, as the brand messaging was also updated, we created an identity that brought the brand evolution to life; seeking to understand not just who it was, what it did but also where it wanted to go.  

A difficult balance

We needed to position Kurtosys as an industry leader, without alienating it from the industry in which it operates. 

This meant utilising some of the colours that are ‘standard’ for the industry, and retaining the integrity of the logo to ensure there was a clear evolution in the design. 

And yet, despite these parameters, we succeeded in creating a distinctive brand by using a high contrast pallet, strong visual architecture, and creative ‘hand-drawn’ styling notes, adding a personal element that key stakeholders felt was previously missing. 

With a secondary layer of simple, high-contrast typography, we have given Kurtosys a look and feel that is testament to its brand personality, fitting to the industry and that also creates market stand out.

Gregg Lawrence - Creative Director, Yoyo

Creating longevity 

Critical to this brief was the knowledge that Kurtosys was at the start of its scale-up journey and the company needed a strong brand that would grow with it.

Care and attention have been paid to this; the interactive brand guidelines feature a downloadable ‘expressions’ library and an integrated AI tool which together ensure the bespoke elements of this can be used consistently, and by anyone.  

The adoption of AI within a brand’s development is fairly new, but it offers a whole host of possibilities. For a designer, this means having the scope to create something distinctive, without preventing a client from self-serving

Matt Sage - Senior Designer, Yoyo Design

Well received 

Celebrated for its impactful, simple design, our suite of flexible design assets has helped bring this growing brand to life, aiding the company gain new ground in key markets. 

It has also been adopted across several touchpoints, including a fresh new look on their website. 

Our use of AI within the Kurtosys brand is the perfect example of how AI can actually enhance creativity in design.

Matt Sage - Senior Designer, Yoyo Design