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Website UI / UX


Generated a 42% increase in traffic and a 204% uplift in impressions.

Achieved a carbon offset equivalent to watching 150 hours of TV every month.

Unlocking the potential of a new food revolution amongst the catering & hospitality industries.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (The SRA) partnered with Yoyo to enhance its brand and develop a new website at a critical point of its growth strategy. The aim? To reposition the company and re-launch The SRA’s ‘Food Made Good’ accreditation as the ‘Michelin Star’ of sustainability accreditations globally. 
The result was a newly created platform that helped The SRA expand its offering into new markets, while also effectively increasing traffic and decreasing its carbon impact.

The opportunity

The SRA is an organisation that takes sustainability very seriously. And with a third of diners eating out at least once a week, it saw an opportunity to drive more sustainable practices across the foodservice industry. 

By repositioning the brand and developing a new site, The SRA wanted to drive awareness of sustainability practices in food service and increase the take up of its Food Made Good accreditation; a 360-degree assessment evaluating the impact of a food service business across Sourcing, Society and Environment. 

A partnership with Yoyo was a natural choice due to the agency’s strong track record in developing sustainably conscious sites that accelerate growth and support socially progressive action.

The business need

To communicate the mission, to re-launch the ratings platform and support future growth. 

The customer need

To make it easy for customers to learn about The SRA, get support and get accredited. 

A bold new brand providing a strong foundation for growth.

Our approach 

Using bold, creative shapes and a consistent ‘food-themed’ colour pallet we refreshed the visuals to create a brand that was memorable and impactful. We transferred this new look and feel onto the website by using a variety of paper-like textures akin to the hand-written orders pinned along the pass in a restaurant kitchen. Every element of the design has been carefully thought out, to create a site that is both striking and engaging.

Enhanced user experience to drive customer sign-ups.

Everyone – whether that’s a Michelin-starred restaurant or street food vendor – required access to key information to review and improve sustainability practices and educate themselves on what they needed to do to reach accreditation level. By streamlining content, shortening page flows, and reorganising the sitemap we helped give easy access to practical, operations-focused information while also encouraging customer sign-ups.

Our new website plays an integral role in our strategy to grow the Food Made Good community. As an impressive shop window for our global accreditation, it supports our growth objectives while encompassing all that we are.

Jocelyn Doyle - The SRA

Building credibility by telling the story behind The SRA.

Within the site, we shone a spotlight on the ethical principles the company was founded upon and showcased the organisation’s approach to diversity, inclusion, and progressiveness to build credibility and impact. We also prioritised the availability of information, supporting the organisation’s corporate objective to be seen as THE resource hub for food-sustainability information.

Eco-friendly design for a low-carbon website.

Sustainability sits at the very heart of The SRA’s new site design, and we worked hard to bring analogue elements of the hospitality industry into the digital world in an eco-conscious way. Using a range of text-based components that were light to load, we created huge visual impact without the need for excessive video or carbon-draining animations.

Operationally, we’re already seeing greater awareness of the brand, plus increased reach within key audiences. Most importantly however, sign-ups to our accreditation are on the rise.

Jocelyn Doyle - The SRA

The results

During the first month, following the site migration, The SRA achieved some stellar results relating to the performance of its site. 

Since then, The SRA has seen continued success as it looks to expand into new global markets. Accreditation sign-ups are on the rise and awareness is growing. As a result, The SRA is gearing up for a promising future with Yoyo as its ongoing strategic digital partner.

Carbon offset on key pages
-5.5kg CO2
Web traffic
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