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Wine for all and all for wine.

Generated a 50% + increase of time on site and - 33% in bounce rate.

Our redesign and redevelopment of Vintner’s eCommerce website provided a platform to show the world their vibrant new brand, hard-won expertise and curated collection of wine.

The opportunity

Vintner was seeking a website that made purchasing wine online feel like an experience. They believed good wine doesn’t have to be complicated. The website needed to reflect these ideals. 

Vintner approached Yoyo in the midst of a radical business model shift, as they were transitioning from B2B model to a playful D2C business. 

It was essential that their new website supported this transition, and thus their success going forward.

Importantly, Vintner’s website needed to reflect their brand - energetic, friendly, knowledgeable and open.

Our journey with Yoyo Design has been exceptional. The go-live of our new Shopify website coincided with us launching a full rebrand and repositioning of our business. When looking for an agency to work with, we knew that we had to choose a group of people who not only would work collaboratively with us to ensure our new brand was showcased in the best and most authentic way but were also culturally aligned with our core values.

Hamish Kirwan - Operations Director, Vintner

Swift delivery was key. We chose Shopify to give us a powerful platform, full of vital commerce functionality. This strong starting point was important, allowing us to focus on the bespoke needs of Vintner.

Our approach 

We invested heavily in UX, rebuilding the shopping experience from the ground up to recreate the personal, face-to-face interaction with a friendly expert online. With an ambitious turnaround time, we dedicated time to discovery, strategy and uncovering insight on their key audiences - vital to ensure focus and swift delivery of the following phases.

By combining Shopify with our design expertise, we provided Vintner with a platform that was not only simple to use, customisable and a bespoke answer to their unique needs, but also served as a gateway to their playful and positive brand. Shopify’s powerful analytics and reporting tools continue to empower our combined project team through our optimisation partnership, ensuring that our ongoing programme of work is supported by accurate data and insight.

From a design perspective, we delighted in using the bold colours from Vintner’s brand guidelines to inject personality and playfulness into the purchasing experience.

The results

The Vintner site has won awards across UX, UI, and Innovation due to its powerful translation of the company brand - a careful balance of design complimenting usability, not conflicting with it.

As identified in our user research, Vintner’s users treat their visit to the website as an experience; seeking out and investing time in uncovering details about their wine before purchase.

Yoyo produced an online shopping experience that supported this need and immersed users in Vintner’s expertise, recreating the personal side of an offline interaction and promoting conversions.

The team at Yoyo understood our commercial and creative objectives and helped us choose the right tech solutions to suit and match our aspirations.

Hamish Kirwan - Operations Director, Vintner

Good wine shouldn’t be complicated.

The launch of the new eCommerce platform delivered a strong foundation to build upon - one that worked from the get go, propelling the business forward.

We continue to work collaboratively to build upon our initial successes through our optimisation partnership, ensuring that our ongoing programme of work is supported by accurate data and insight.