Data versus creativity. Who wins?

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Does anyone else get overwhelmed by the huge quantity of data available when making decisions? It’s literally called ‘Big Data’. No kidding?

Leadership teams are literally sinking under an avalanche of spreadsheets and statistics and are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the ROI of every project piece their organisations deliver.

Wow, the weight of all that information! How do they find the time to fully evaluate every measurement? From top level turnover and profit data to customer lifetime value; there’s a handy little equation with a catchy acronym to accompany it.

And is everything truly measurable - how do you quantify the cost and value of creative input? Where is the equation for that? Does it devalue the importance of creativity if you can’t measure it? 

We would argue that creativity is one of the most fundamental ingredients to business success and that in fact you can take a strategic approach to creativity.

Ingredients for success

We want to share what we have learnt and help people approach their digital projects with creativity and flair, whilst ensuring organisational goals are met. This report should help them consider what creative and technical elements they need to inject into digital, to wow their customers.
Gregg Lawrence, Chief Creative Office, Yoyo
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