What you want in your Umbraco Web Design Agency

Web developers across the world choose Umbraco as their CMS and in this blog, we’ll examine some of the reasons why clients of all sizes and sectors partner with an Umbraco agency, like Yoyo, to achieve the best results from their project.


Finding a reliable CMS

Building a dynamic, robust and beautiful website which will scale for future growth and won’t compromise on performance starts with finding a reliable CMS.

Web developers across the world choose Umbraco as their CMS and in this blog, we’ll examine some of the reasons why clients of all sizes and sectors partner with an Umbraco agency, like Yoyo, to achieve the best results from their project. We’ll also explore what businesses should look for in an Umbraco developer - and what to expect when you work with an Umbraco agency. 

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But first, let’s start with a brief background to Umbraco…


What is Umbraco?

Known as "The Friendly CMS”, Umbraco was first created in Denmark in 2000 as an Open Source Content Management System and is now one of the most widely used CMS platforms used to run enterprise level websites for multinationals including Mercedes-Benz World, Microsoft, Carlsberg Group and many more. 

But of course, behind every great Umbraco website is a great team of Umbraco developers, working at the highest level to achieve a successful digital solution for clients ranging from start-ups with a simple online presence to global organisations requiring complex, high-performing, multi-channel sites.

Why choose Umbraco?

As a team of seasoned web developers, we believe Umbraco ticks all the boxes for our clients’ needs. And then some.

Firstly, it’s built using Microsoft’s .NET which not only keeps websites secure and safe from cyberattack, but also offers huge flexibility for both our clients and our developers. By integrating technologies from an existing CRM system or email platform or adding apps or business functions such as ecommerce and user-generated content, Umbraco can be fully customised to meet the needs of the current business and to withstand future growth and higher volumes of traffic, making it the ideal platform for scaling businesses who want a truly flexible, future-proof digital solution. 

Everyone involved in the creation of a new digital solution - from designers, developers, content creators, website owners and non-technical admins value Umbraco’s user-friendly interface, speed and flexibility. Once live, clients can take control of creating site content, editing, version control, adding blogs or videos and future publishing while Umbraco’s community of members and developers are on hand 24/7 when expert support is needed.

There’s little point in having a gorgeous website if no-one can find it, so Umbraco makes it easy to add technical features and elements to ensure Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices are upheld - crucial to boosting visibility and visitors. And because Umbraco is an open-source CMS, once the website has been built, there are no additional licenses, fees or ongoing monthly costs.

If you need more reasons to consider Umbraco then read our article about “What are the benefits of building your new website in Umbraco?​​”


Yoyo is an Umbraco CMS agency

For over a decade, Yoyo has used Umbraco’s CMS platform to build beautiful, well-crafted websites for our clients (and for ourselves) and in that time our team of highly skilled developers have become accredited Umbraco Registered Partners, giving our clients confidence that they’re working with a knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy team.  

We’re proud to be an Umbraco CMS agency, working with first class developers to design and deliver engaging digital experiences, whether we’re building from scratch or developing an existing digital strategy.  Being part of a global community of Umbraco experts means we keep up-to-date with all the latest technologies to ensure our clients get the best possible website that blends interactive functionality with high-quality digital design. 

What to look out for

What to look for in Umbraco Developers

Finding the right Umbraco web development agency to improve brand awareness, drive traffic and boost your bottom line is an important process and not one to be rushed. Here’s a flavour of what potential clients can expect from the team, here at Yoyo

  • We’ll showcase our previous Umbraco experience and put you in touch with clients to find out first-hand what it’s like to work with us.
  • Our team of developers go through a rigorous process to become Umbraco certified so we can give clients that extra reassurance that we work to the highest standards when it comes to developing Umbraco websites.
  • It’s never a one size fits all approach. We work together with our clients to create a bespoke and future-proof site that can effortlessly extend and seamlessly integrate with other digital platforms.
  • Clients need to know where they stand. That’s why we pride ourselves on maintaining transparency, cleanliness and efficiency across all our projects.
  • We relish opportunities to learn from one other and we’re not afraid to tap into the expert support from the wider global Umbraco community.

Working with an Umbraco Registered agency

Yoyo’s team of highly skilled developers have built and delivered award-winning websites for enterprises of all sizes, from start-ups and charities to global FTSE/Fortune 500 companies. Every one of our clients requires something unique and special - and while we know there are plenty of other excellent CMS solutions out there - WordPress, Drupal, Sitecore and more - in our experience, Umbraco manages to combine design with power, SEO reliability security, and scalability in one cost-effective package.

If you’ve got a web development project in mind, whether it’s a brand-new website or developing an existing one, get in touch to find out more about working with Yoyo and Umbraco.

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