Why Umbraco is our platform of choice

Why the ease of use and flexibility put Umbraco above many other credible CMS platforms.

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I’m often asked ‘why Umbraco?’ There are many credible CMS platforms out there (See our article on Umbraco Vs Wordpress) and all of them have their merits but after working with them for the last 15 years, 7 of these at Yoyo Design, I can say the ease of use and flexibility makes Umbraco the right choice for us and many of our clients.

Unlike many blog-focused platforms, Umbraco allows us and our clients to build the site that is right for them and it’s that flexibility which really is key. We have worked with many clients from varying sectors and by being able to construct a website to their needs and those of their customers, we provide the optimal solution. It’s not about multiple plugins which can add a certain amount of instability to a website, it’s about developing the right solution from the off. Essentially, it’s about finding the right-tool for the right-job and we’ve had great success with Umbraco.

We were fortunate enough to work with YoungMinds, a charity specialising in children’s mental health. They wanted to have a website, which aside from being informative, would enable them to take donations and also sell training courses & merchandise.

Young Minds

We needed, as always, to be mindful of cost and the end users so we were looking for a no cost e-commerce platform which could perform with the flexibility of a paid for e-commerce platform. Using Umbraco and Ucommerce allowed us to do just that. We developed code in Umbraco that allowed such functionality as bulk discounts, varying postage rates and variable VAT rates without the need to spend on the platform. YoungMinds were happy; we could tailor the promotions to them and ensure a joined-up website and customer experience. They have also run a number of UX sessions with different age groups and feedback here has been phenomenal.

We have also had great success with Umbraco’s content API with clients including JP Morgan and RunTogether. JP Morgan’s Future Fixed Income website is supported by an Admin Tool we developed to allow users, with varying rights, the ability to post bulletins in multiple languages on the site quickly and without having to touch the back-end. RunTogether, a website detailing local running routes and running groups, also uses the Content API. Members can upload details of the routes using Bing maps. The routes are approved and then published on the website. These can then be sent to a runner’s phone.


Umbraco has the benefit of being an open-source platform which uses common coding language but it’s the ease of use in the back-end, with less ‘techie’ knowledge required, that cements its suitability for many of our clients. Elements such as Umbraco Forms do not require coding expertise which many of our client embrace and allows us to easily structure content creating a user-friendly experience (which is what we are all striving for).

Our brilliant team here at Yoyo have all embraced Umbraco, it’s not the only platform we use but it is their preferred one for the ease of use and speed. New starters quickly get to grips with Umbraco and support, such as Umbraco TV and the Umbraco community, are of great benefit. One of our incredible developers Tom, was only saying last week how he feels the community is key; they are there to help each other out, support each other and because users can build on top of the platform in any way that they want, community discussions often see one of the developers build a solution that many of us can use.

Umbraco also runs events including Codegarden and the Umbraco Festivals which help provide the team with an understanding of where Umbraco are going and we loved the opportunity to speak at the Umbraco UK Festival 2017 where we got to share our experience of taking the Umbraco platform and pushing it further. We also host the Kent Umbraco developers meet-up where local developers get together and share what they have been doing with the platform.

After having used Umbraco for so long, seeing the vast benefits it has, and having it established within Yoyo, it made sense to explore partnership options with them. Partnering with Umbraco is centred around the sharing of knowledge, about being experts in Umbraco. It supports our team and their continual development with access to Umbraco TV, training, counselling, newscasts and an exclusive newsletter but also ensures our clients know that they are in safe-hands with us.

We, at Yoyo, are immensely proud to announce that we are now an Umbraco Certified Partner agency and look forward to continuing our relationship with Umbraco.

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