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Bringing product information alive in users’ hands by uncovering hidden layers of content with augmented reality.


In the crowded financial services marketplace, digital innovation is increasingly important. Companies are exploring and exploiting technology in their competition to engage busy audiences and communicate information in new, interesting ways.

For long-term Yoyo client J.P. Morgan, with a new product launch on the horizon, augmented reality (AR) presented a clear opportunity to achieve just that. But for a technology that can be fraught with complexity and cost, there was a very real challenge in turning an inventive idea into a working product within a reasonable budget and limited timeframe.

From a digital perspective, we're really pushing the boundaries of what has been done to showcase financial products. To have our clients engaging and interacting with our products in this way is such a breakthrough.
Neil Thornburn - Head of Digital, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

In October, a select audience of influential research analysts would be gathering at Bloomberg’s new headquarters in the City for the launch of J.P. Morgan’s new exchange-traded fund (ETF). With the client team, we discussed the idea of using AR as a neat, efficient way of presenting the supporting marketing content, with the important caveat that the user experience had to be uncomplicated. We set about proving the concept’s viability, and within just a few days we were able to mock-up a prototype. Users simply scanned an image using their phone to unlock additional content within their browser – no additional download was required. The concept was approved by the board in July, giving us a matter of weeks to develop the creative and test the technology to hit the event deadline.


Typically, AR requires the development of a bespoke app, which can present a significant development cost and also introduce a barrier to the user experience thanks to the download process. However, by using A-Frame, an open-source web framework for creating augmented reality experiences, we were able to contain activity within the native camera app and web browser common to all modern mobile devices. All that was needed was a single, printed card for users to scan with their phone, avoiding the need to produce additional physical collateral.


Engaging an audience of financial research analysts

AR helped the message resonate. At the same time, it emphasised how J.P. Morgan is closely aligned with the sector’s digitally-driven future.

At the event, cards printed with the AR trigger image were set out on seats. On scanning the image with their phone camera, users were presented with an animation featuring runners on a track before being led through to information about the product. Together, the slick visuals and seamless user experience combined to create a positive talking point that would kickstart valuable conversations.


J.P. Morgan launched its first ETF product in 2017 and, as such, was regarded as a fairly new player in this technology-focused part of the market.

Harnessing the creative potential of AR for this event allowed the company not only to showcase its new product offering but also to underline its commitment to digital innovation among an influential target audience. The event’s success led to the technology being used at further presentations in the UK, and it has also been repurposed by J.P. Morgan’s teams in Germany, France and Austria, making it a total of six AR projects undertaken by the company so far. 

Yoyo has given us some pretty epic ‘wow’ marketing moments, we can't wait to see what our future partnership brings.
Jordan Chinchen, Senior Marketing Manage, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
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