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Awareness Campaign

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Creating an awareness campaign to raise the profile of Orbis UK and engage with their audiences across the UK.


The world communicates to us through our senses; what we smell, see, touch, hear, and taste allows us to form our own unique identity. The loss of any one of these senses, however slight, can be life-shattering.


Orbis UK is a charity with a vision to transform lives through the prevention and treatment of blindness. The concept for this campaign needed to be eye-catching, bold, hard hitting and thought provoking and speak directly to their target audience. It needed to get across the right messages so that people could start to become more aware about just how hugely important their work, vision and mission is.


Campaign concept

If we were to ask people a question “what is your favourite smell? What do you love the sound of? What do you love the feel of? they’ll instantly be able to recall something.

However, we've become blind to the power of sight. In the UK, we take it for granted. This campaign needed to remind people that their eyesight is everything. 


The idea behind this concept was to gain genuine engagement by asking people an unusual question that made them rethink how valuable eyesight truly is - and how tragic it would be to lose it needlessly. So we asked people about the most treasured moments that their eyes had witnessed - and placed eyesight as the vehicle to truly experiencing life.

We provoked them with a question that stimulates new feelings of empathy about a cause they know little about. “If you lost your sight, what moment would you want to see?” We were ready to start a conversation. The creative followed and the team moved forward with a beautifully bold and bright route which featured video content at its heart. Having engaging video content made up of relatable characters aimed to further immerse the audience into the charity behind this campaign and added an important empathetic angle. 

Campaign roll out

The creative concept was then applied across all other promotional assets right the way through to the campaign landing page which led users to the perfect platform to submit their notable memories. The landing page was A/B tested ahead of the full launch to ensure the most effective messaging was used and a strategic marketing plan was created which allowed us to support Orbis UK with the full campaign roll out, including:

  • Creating key copy for deliverables
  • Social advertising - static and animated asset creation
  • Paid for advertising - media buying and placement
  • Creation and art direction of video content
  • Asset creation for all promotional material
  • Print advertising - asset creation

We launched the creative for this campaign across paid and organic social channels, setting up Facebook ads for retargeting, awareness and conversion. Since the initial soft launch in September we’ve been evolving the assets, and testing out three different messages and creative combinations to work out what will appeal most to our audience. 

You can add your I'd see moment here on the campaign landing page. This campaign has just been launched and is still growing, so keep a look out for the exciting upcoming creatives. 


  • 9,856

    Visitors from social to microsite

  • 926,147

    Post impressions

  • 182,154

    Post engagement

  • 3.27%

    Click through rate

  • 86


As an international charity with low levels of brand awareness in the UK, Orbis needs to reach out to new audiences and build a presence to fuel future fundraising. Yoyo has helped us begin that journey with an emotive campaign that has real cut-through and which enables us to connect our international work with a UK audience. Through testing and trying new things we’re learning so much about our audiences and the messages they respond to, and we can’t wait to see where the campaign takes us in the future.
Sam Harris, Interim Head of PR & Communications, Orbis UK
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