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COVID-19 Stay at Home Campaign

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Creating an emotive campaign during a time of crisis that's good for society, our community and helps to save lives.

Matthew, Jenny and Gregg are an amazing team and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again. They interpreted the brief with intelligent precision for our target market and the campaign turnaround was quicker than we could have hoped for, with the entire campaign executed in just a few days. It was slick and impactful, and has since drawn much positive attention. Thanks Yoyo.
Carole Winter, Producer, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Convincing teenagers to follow the rules and stay at home.

Tunbridge Wells in Kent is home to over 118,000 people, all of which have recently been affected by the latest COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. As of 16th March 2020, government guidelines gave clear instructions that all but a few key individuals must isolate themselves and stay at home in order to help themselves and to save the lives of many others.

A tough order for many, and unsurprisingly, exactly why Tunbridge Wells Borough Council approached Yoyo looking for help.


With many still failing to adhere to the “stay at home” government messaging, we needed to rapidly roll out a visual campaign to reinforce the message to the young people in the town


The immediacy of this campaign was clear. We needed to quickly deliver an emotive campaign that would really resonate with 12-19 year olds. These young adults were unlikely to be typical teenagers just flouting the social distancing rules - in many cases, these groups of teenagers may be actively avoiding their home lives. They could have fractured family relationships, be disengaged with school or work or just be deliberately ignoring news and reports in a bid to play naive and avoid isolation for as long as possible. This is why tone of voice and messaging was of primary importance for this campaign.

Clear, standout messaging was key to helping people reconsider their choices when heading out of there home, and how this could affect their family and local community.

Because messaging was a priority for this campaign, a typographical route seemed to be best fit. Bold colours were chosen in order to attract attention to the posters that would be placed in fairly bleak positions such as bus stops or outside public toilets. The standout colours combined with the repetitive tagline created consistency and reinforced the seriousness of the messaging further. 


Let's hope more people will think twice now before stepping outside

Measuring the quantitative impact of this campaign will inevitably be challenging, but what we can be assured of, is that Tunbridge Wells Borough Council along with Yoyo, John Knight photography and many other local suppliers came together to help.

To do good, keep our community safe, healthy and save the most vulnerable people from losing their lives. And during this very scary pandemic, keeping each other safe is all anyone can hope to achieve. 

This is a really strong campaign and it’s so good to have this ready to roll out so quickly, thanks to everyone involved.
Jackie Sumner – Head of Community Investment, Town & Country Foundation
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