A digital platform offering content and support for young people to improve their mental health.



Yoyo were approached by the charity YoungMinds with a request to help update, re-design and re-develop their existing website within an aggressive 3 month project window to coincide with the 2017 London Marathon – a major milestone for the charity. During the discovery phase, we worked closely with the key stakeholders to set out clear objectives for the website which were defined and used throughout the project. The four main aims were to:

  1. Foster innovation to meet the needs of vulnerable and excluded children and young people.
  2. Promote good mental health to more children and young people than ever before.
  3. Champion the voices of young people and parents to influence mental health policy and practice
  4. Inspire excellence to achieve transformed, integrated services.

Having completed a full UX review of all existing insight provided by YoungMinds, along with further research, we were able to validate and develop the sitemap and architecture to make sure it met objectives and worked across a variety of user personas. This helped form a solid basis for us to progress into the next phase of design and development.



As the design work commenced, we used the newly developed YoungMinds brand and guidelines to provide a site design which was fresh, clean, current and engaging. The site needed to reflect the youthfulness of the target audience, yet remain professional and uncluttered to make sure users could easily navigate through the pages to get the information and support from YoungMinds they required.

As we moved into development, there were also areas of e-commerce that focused our attention.

These were:

  • Online donations (one off and regular direct debit payments)
  • Publications
  • Training courses

In order to achieve this, we used Ucommerce – Umbraco's fully integrated e-commerce module. The module allowed for a smooth integration of the above items, and provided the client with everything they needed to fulfil, validate and report on user purchases.



The site was successfully launched in mid April ahead of the important YoungMinds delivery milestone – the 2017 London Marathon. A significant event aptly re-named "The Mental Health Marathon" in support of the hugely significant Heads Together charity campaign, championed by the Royal Family and of which YoungMinds are an official partner.

YoungMinds users were reviewing the site within minutes of the live launch with various users on social media providing overwhelmingly positive feedback:

"So easy to navigate"

"Your website is fantastic"

"Brilliant website for young people"

"Easy to navigate, accessible information"

"I can't even remember what the old site looks like! It's great!"

“As always Yoyo are incredibly accommodating and proactive. You have reassured teams around our organisation that website development is in good hands”

Deborah Mackay Digital Manager, YoungMinds

reduction in administration time spent handling calls

increase in the total number of pages visited

Average bounce rate achieved