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Awards & Recognition:
CSS Design Awards SOTD
Awwwards HM
Indigo Design Award Gold
Umbraco Awards: Best Design


Creating an immersive digital experience to engage and attract investors for one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

From a digital perspective, our new online experience is pushing the boundaries of what has been done to showcase asset management products. To be able to have clients engaging with touch-screen TVs at events, get immersed in a seamless user journey and be able to interact with the products is a breakthrough in many ways.
Neil Thornburn - Head of Digital, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Engage, educate and encourage exploration

Despite having been around for well over a century, Investment Trusts remain something of an unknown quantity among investors. J.P. Morgan, whose rich history in managing these funds stretches all the way back to 1881, sought out Yoyo to create a 21st century digital resource that would truly bring this subject to life. They needed a site that would engage, educate and, crucially, encourage users to explore how J.P. Morgan’s expertise and product offering in Investment Trusts could benefit their portfolio.

Landing Page

The Yoyo and J.P. Morgan teams worked closely together in the initial phase of the project to dig into the objectives and develop a clear understanding of the target audience. The resulting analysis revealed that the site needed to be accessible to a range of users, from novice investors through to expert financial advisors and wealth managers.

Jp Angles

With creative freedom to explore the brief, we looked to the diversified, global nature of J.P. Morgan’s investment business for design inspiration. The result was the ‘particle’ concept, based on fluid fragments that dynamically react to user input, forming shapes as they swarm together. It was bold and distinctive but also alive with interactivity, which was vital as the site would be displayed on touchscreens at customer-facing events with the aim of sparking new conversations with investors.

Ipad Testing

Hitting the brief through a seamless combination of design, structure and content.

Ipad 01
Ipad 02

The particles were used as a connecting motif throughout the site, providing visual continuity in the absence of ‘standard’ navigation. They guide users to priority sections of high-value content, which include a timeline to emphasise the company’s heritage and expertise in Investment Trusts and an interactive questionnaire to help users identify Investment Trust options that suit their financial objectives.

Ipad Trusts

A visually stunning and immersive experience.

From the start, we knew it was important for J.P. Morgan to be able to control and manage site content on an ongoing basis. By building the site on Umbraco, we were able to give the in-house team the freedom and flexibility to maintain and update everything from imagery to even the most technical parts of the site.

Content Page Dark
The final experience barely changed from the first concept pitched, which to us as a client, showcased the collaboration between agency and client to understand the heart of the business problem and produce a solution that answered every part of the brief whilst pushing the boundaries digitally.
Jordan Chinchen - Senior Marketing Manager, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
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