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Attracting top talent to a pioneering firm redefining the legal model by helping lawyers envision a better work-life balance.

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In the legal profession, demanding hours in the office are generally accepted in return for a generous wage – but Keystone Law is looking to challenge that view. A ‘new model’ law firm, Keystone Law provides a virtual structure for lawyers to work more flexibly from satellite offices or home. Because it has a limited cost base, thee firm says potential earnings are not compromised. In addition, the lack of commute and freedom to pick and choose working hours opens the door to a better work-life balance.

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With Yoyo’s help, Keystone Law wanted to create a bespoke website that would help attract new recruits by showing them exactly what they stood to gain.

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We had a very clear idea of what we wanted to see and achieve with the site and, in particular, the calculator. We needed an agency that was nimble and agile and would be able to deliver an exciting visual site on a tight time frame. Yoyo successfully fulfilled the brief and were a pleasure to work with.
Kristina Oliver - Head of Marketing, Keystone Law
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The set-up and the strategy

Separate from the main Keystone Law site, Law Set Free had a clear focus (recruitment) and a clearly defined audience (lawyers open to career change). The challenge was in communicating the company’s offering in a simple way, making it feel both personal and achievable while countering questions of it being ‘too good to be true’. By developing an interactive Lifestyle Calculator, we were able to give users a digital tool to help them visualise potential gains in work-life balance based on just a few easily accessible data points.

Wrapped around the key pillar of the Lifestyle Calculator, the site content was structured to provide a thorough overview of how the Keystone Law model works. Testimonials dominate the no-scroll homepage and further first-hand endorsements are available through video case studies. Having engaged with this persuasive message, potential candidates can then continue their journey by completing the online evaluation tool, which assesses their eligibility before speeding their application to the next stage.

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The calculator played a crucial role in converting the audience’s interest into more definite consideration and then action.

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Because Keystone Law’s workforce played such a central role within the creative concept, we worked closely with the firm’s marketing team to source imagery and quotes that conveyed the right messages in the right tone. The site was then built on Umbraco to enable simple content updates, with pre-launch testing to ensure the Lifestyle Calculator and data-capture forms functioned smoothly for the user.

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The results

Law Set Free has amplified the attention that Keystone Law’s disruptive approach was already beginning to attract across the legal profession. The site generated a high level of engagement among the target audience and, importantly, converted that engagement into action, delivering the target number of applications almost a year ahead of schedule.

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