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Increased production efficiency
Freeing up exec resource
Enhanced client service levels

Equipping music executives with a smart digital tool to dynamically create beautiful presentations for brand partners.

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We’re really starting to use the app on a regular basis and it’s proving to be an amazing tool.
Adam Gardiner – Senior Director Sync, Universal Music Group
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Bringing digital innovation to the Globe sales process

Globe is the division of Universal Music that orchestrates commercial partnerships between musical talent and brands or their agencies. Globe’s work might result in licensing for a single piece of music or a complex global agreement featuring multiple artists, but every deal starts with a pitched idea.

For the Globe sales team, it meant that a significant proportion of their time was dedicated to one-off presentations, created from scratch for each individual meeting. Globe wanted to find a way of streamlining the process while taking output quality to a new level.

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The brief from Globe was clear: accelerate the creation of pitch decks while limiting the internal resource required and guaranteeing a high-quality end result.

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We devised a concept that joined the dots between Globe's internal assets, the deck creation process and the pitching environment. Our answer was a digital tool that sits within the Universal network, providing access via an API to the goldmine of information and data available in the company’s Artist Portal. By creating a back-end interface, we enabled internal teams to flow content directly into templated presentations; by creating a front-end interface, we ensured this content could be delivered seamlessly in external client meetings. Ultimately it gives Globe the means to deliver a better, faster service for clients and prospects, increasing the success rate of pitches and also the likelihood of repeat work.

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A smart tool that brings together content and presentation, fusing functionality with design. It needed to be intuitive, quick and very easy to use without compromising on creative impact.

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With just a few mouse clicks, the Globe sales team can draw down real-time data for any of their artists. This includes aggregated sales data as well as social media metrics on reach, streams, likes and follows for each. Sales execs also have access to artist bios and campaign copy as well as tracks, promotional imagery and video that can all be embedded within the pitch deck.

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Presentations are instantly available to the sales team via the app

Once created, the deck can easily be exported into multiple formats but by developing a proprietary iPad application, we ensured the content has a smooth path to the pitch environment. Files are automatically downloaded to avoid any potential issues with internet connectivity during a meeting.

If, however, users are able to get online, the app connects directly to the Artist Portal, providing real-time access to social media and sales data, and ensuring client requests can be answered on the spot.

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